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Our Mission

Who are we?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Society is a non-profit organisation focussed on promoting educational, ethical and technical development across the United Kingdom and globally. In the past decade, the field of AI has seen resurgent interest due to an increase in computing power coupled with the technical development of more advanced artificial neural network architectures. Whilst there is great enthusiasm in this field and a lot of room for cross-disciplinary exchanges of information there still exist few platforms that are focussed on bridging cross-disciplinary knowledge gaps. The AI Society aims to help bridge this gap through running events and building strong online communities with a focus on AI and its subfields such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision (CV) and speech technology.

Currently, AI is only taught in any significant capacity at the higher education level (universities and colleges). One aim of The AI society is to develop a series of accessible workshops for students at the AS and A2 level in the United Kingdom. The goal of these workshops will be to expose students to simple AI principles and constructs at an earlier stage in their education and inspire more students to pursue data science-related fields where there is currently a deficit of skilled professionals.

There currently exist a number of professional societies relating to AI in some capacity. One drawback to these societies is that they are often very specific to one field of AI and not very cross-disciplinary. The AI Society will aim to provide a general-purpose platform available for all AI fields where we seek to facilitate as many cross-disciplinary discussions as possible.

In recent years there has been a lot of discussion surrounding the ethics of certain AI applications as well as the way in which practitioners are mining data from private citizens in order to train models. The AI Society will develop an ethical framework for organisations to follow. For this framework, we will seek endorsements from similar non-profit organisations with similar goals to ours. The end goal of this framework is to offer certifications for products where the development company is able to prove their product was developed professionally and within the ethical framework outlined by The AI Society. 


  • Develop a clearly outlined ethical framework for AI development and its applications

  • Create a network of AI-related businesses with an interest in promoting ethics in the wider community

  • Develop workshops and events accessible to those outside of higher education

  • Cultivate an environment of cross-disciplinary involvement across all fields of AI

  • Create a series of speaking events and workshops for university AI societies focussing on technical, conceptual as well as ethical aspects of AI development

  • Create a paid membership community with benefits such as access to workshops, conference discounts as well subscriptions to monthly newsletters



  • Y1

    • Develop web infrastructure & brand

    • First conference: The Emerging Technologies Conference

    • Develop workshops for schools and universities

    • Build up partnerships with organizations and businesses

    • One-off speaking events

    • Second conference

    • Develop the foundations of our ethical framework

  • Y2

    • Launch workshops for universities and schools

    • Refine workshops

    • Third/fourth conference

    • Launch membership platform

    • Promote our ethical framework to triple helix organisations

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